Volume 32 (1999) - CONTENTS

Havrland, B.:
Research program of the Institute of Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture

Jenicek, V.:
World economy Globalisation

Daba, T. Havel, J.:
The historical developments of the distribution of goods in Libya: a review

Admassu Shibru, Kassa Belay:
Coffee marketing system in Ethiopia: the case of Sidama zone

Fantova, M., Stefkova, X.:
Introduction of advanced practices in rearing Toronke sheep in the Republic of Mali

Phung, T. V., Blaha, J , Heger, J.:
The study on the maintenance requirements of isoleucine, leucine and valine for growing pigs

Usman, A., Elemo, K. A., Lagoke S. T. O., Adigun, J. A., Misari, S. M.:
Critical period of weed interference in maize/rice mixture

Gana, A. S., Maji, A. T., Ukwungwu, M. N.:
Field screening of rice varieties for high yield and their tolerance to African rice gall midge

Umar, A., Babalola, O.:
The productivity of rice/maize intercrop as influenced by tillage methods

Gana, A. K., Busari, L. D.:
Yield and returns of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) intercropping with horticural crops

Eloy F., Kosina, P.:
Micropropagation of lesser known Andean tuber and root crops (Oxalis tuberosa Molina, Tropaeolum tuberosum Ruiz and Pavon, Ullucus tuberosus Lozano, Solatium tuberosum L,.subsp.andigena)

Olorunju, S. A. S., Oyakhilome, D. E., Danguma, B. Otti, F.:
Evaluating the mathematical relationship between area cultivated and total production of some tubers, grains and industrial crops in Nigeria

Truong, T. T.,Valicek, P.:
Verification of growth and stevioside content of stevie plants propagated by vegetative and generative method

Ruzickova, K.5Holubova, K.:
Comparision of production of biomass except roots and of yield of four species of Amaranthus - grain type

Sindlar, I.:
Determination of selected content substances in the species Glycyrrhiza uralensisFish