Volume 30 (1997) - CONTENTS

Jenicek V.
Main regions of the developing world - main features and problems

Jenicek V., Ventura Adao.
International coffee trade and the situation in Angola

Farah J., Havel J.
Trends in Lebanon and agricultural trends in particular

Farah J.
Food processing in agriculture and its role in marketing in Lebanon

Wehbi A. A., Havel J.:
Study on operation and economy of the Lebanese farm

Chiesa A., Fraschina A., Filippini de Delfino O.
Relationship among different biochemical variables in spinach (Spinacia oleracea) crop.

Acuna I., Nepovim A., Valicek P.
Microprapagation of plants Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni in vitro and content of stevioside in leaves after application of growth regulators under field conditions

Plchova R.
Polymnia sonchifolia (Poepp et Endl.) and its growing in Czech republic

Albino R., Michl J.
Possibilities of using growth regulators in sugar cane agrotechnics

Fernandes C. E., Lipavska H., Michl J.
Determination of saccharides content in different ecotypes of yacon (Polymnia sonchifolia Poeppig and Endlicher) cultivated under conditions of Czech Republic

Fernandes C. E., Kucera L.
Determination of number of chromosomes in select ecotypes of yacon (Polymnia sonchifolia Poeppig and Endlicher) cultivated in vitro

Jaffar G. H., Blaha J., Skarkova L.
Effect of high ambient temperature on broiler performance and carcass characteristics fed on extra vitamins supplemented diet

Blaha J., Kroesna K.
Effect of vitamin and electrolytes supplements on broilers' performance, slaughter value and chemical composition of meat during the heat stress